We are so excited to be joining forces with a local women's ministry to reach out to our community!  This group of ladies desires to be GOD's hands and feet to meet the needs and daily challenges of the people in their community.  GOD's Rustic Workshop will be financially supporting this ministry by giving 15% of the proceeds from our website to this ministry.  These ladies will be doing things like: purchasing school supplies for children who cannot afford them, preparing meals for the needy, ministering to those in prison, and working along side our military families to give back to those families the way they have so sacrificially given to us!!  The goal of this ministry is to say "YES" when GOD reveals a need!

I have been blessed to personally be involved in seeing the faces of those who are at the receiving end of these kinds of gifts.  The shock and amazement when they realize someone is willing to spend all day at their house cleaning and painting when they don't even know them!  The surprise when a father is tragically killed and the family can't imagine how they are going to go on, then they receive a phone call that a group of people are wiling to help fix things around the house that the father would have done.  Sometimes it is through great need that we are best able to share the love of Christ. The kind of love that Jesus showed us when HE died on the cross to save us from our sin...unexplainable love!  GOD's Rustic Workshop's verse is Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." I pray that through this partnership others may feel the love of Christ and glorify HIM!

Won't you join me in partnering up with these ladies in ministry!  Any purchase you make will help give back to others and be used to show Christ to someone.  And if a purchase isn't something you are able to make then would you keep this ministry in your prayers as they grow and reach out to others!

Thank you so much!!